Some freebies coming soon…

Hello again!  I know it’s been a long time since I posted something on my blog.  Well, you know, life has just gotten in the way!  After my awful illness in March, I have had to change my focus from working with other designers as a CT and sticking to their time lines and deadlines to something less stressful.  I really miss the creative team feedback and encouragement but I now have to be much more flexible so I can do my scrapbooking as a have time and feel like it.

I have also begun to try some designing, although I still have lots to learn.  I find I can do that as a I have time and don’t feel any stress with that.  It’s been fun… and coming November 1st, I hope to participate in my very first blog train ever!!!  Come back and join me and lots of other ladies at Pixel Scrapper as we offer a large number of kits made with a specific color scheme.  The color scheme has many colors, so we will have a lot of different digital goodies that you can mix and match–and all for FREE!

Here is a preview of the color scheme for the Pixel Scrapper November blog train.

Pixel Scrapper blog train colors

I focused on the reds, pinks and black and white.  My portion of the blog train will be Vintage Fifties.  Only 6 more days!


Where does the time go?

OK.  I am delinquent.  It’s been over three months since I wrote on my blog.  I didn’t stop recording memories via scrapbook pages but just didn’t get around to posting them here.  Here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on.

In December, other than Christmas parties and buying gifts, we went to New York City for a few day just before Christmas to take in the sights at Christmas. We went to plays and saw the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas program and took lots of tours and really saw the city.  Then after Christmas, we went to New Orleans to see our daughter and her family and take them presents from their Georgia relatives.

Here’s a few more pages I did around Christmas.

In January, we went to a New Year’s Eve Party in Birmingham AL and danced in 2013.  Later that month we took a 8-day cruise to the Caribbean with friends on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.  Now that’s a large ship!

On February 12th, my body decided to give me a critical blow with a chronic illness returning in the absolutely worst way.  I was unable to eat or speak for 3 weeks and even after that I had to eat soft foods.  That lasted for a month and I narrowly missed having to have serious brain surgery.  You cannot image how amazed I was when the neurologist and neurosurgeon both agreed I was well enough to go on a trip to Europe in a few days. The trip had been planned 9 months before (and paid for!)  Well I went with medication in hand and had a great time.   I am just back now a couple of days and my body is not yet adjusted to Georgia time.

After this illness, I have got to put my life in order and limit my time on scrapbooking.  I will post many of the ones I have already done but will then have less time to spend on my previous designer commitments.



Visit to see Santa

Wow, I have been so busy lately.  I’ve been making layouts of last Christmas photos like crazy.  Today I can show you this one made with Sparkle On  by Aimee Harrison Design Studios.  It is now available on Gotta Pixel as a part of the Gotta Grab It specials.  Each month Gotta Pixel designers create products around a given color scheme and all the designs go together so you can pick and choose what you what, and everything matches.  This month the colors are great traditional Christmas colors. Here’s some of the parts of the kit.  There is also glitter styles and several alphas–all now on sale.


My layout features William and Sarah’s visit with Santa in December 2011.  Aren’t they just darling!  I used the products to make a page that looks like a Christmas gift.

Great Snow and Christmas supplies

Snow Kissed is re-introduced by Snips and Snails.  This beautiful kit is all white with touches of red.  It was designed by the great team of Aimee Harrison, Digilicious Designs and Snips and Snails and is available at lots of stores. (Image is linked to One Story Down.– Oops, store closed)

Here’s my layout titled Frosty Fun featuring William and Patrick and their snowman in our yard in 2010 just after Christmas.  That year was the first I ever remember that it actually snowed and stayed on the ground on Christmas Day.  This photo was taken on December 26th, 2010.

More to come shortly.  Got to go start putting up Christmas decorations and our tree.

Catching up after the holidays!

My, my, my!  I cannot believe that I haven’t posted any of my layouts here in such a long time.  Guess I have been really busy!  So…let me get started with some scrapbook layouts I have completed in the past two plus weeks.

Fall was a Snips and Snails mini that had great fall colors. Here’s my layout of the Old Mill at Berry College.  I took this photo on a beautiful day on November 9, 2012.

Nature’s Gold is another fall themed kit by Aimee Harrison.  For this layout I used the sketch to watercolor technique on the main photo.

Next was a layout about friends, made with a collab collection by Aimee Harrison, Digilicious Designs and Snips and Snails called Season of Friendship. This is the group of friends who took a cruise together in October 2012.

Then we move into kits for Christmas.  Hark the Angels and Silver Bells were both re-releases with new additions by Snips and Snails.  My layout with Hark the Angel features an angel ornament on my Christmas tree last year and a brief history about the song Hark the Angels Sing.

The next is a photo of William and Sarah last year on Christmas Eve.  I can see the excitement in their faces.

I’ll have more to share in a few days.  Happy scrapping!





Holiday Baking

I’m not really into baking except for the holidays.  I love to fix goodies for family and friends–and me.  These photos are from 2011 and are just a few of the things I made–the ones I remembered to take photo’s of. One of my absolute necessities for Christmas is Orange Cranberry Nut Bread.  It just says Christmas morning to me!  Here’s a scrapbooking layout I did this week and Orange Cranberry Nut Bread is the lower right photo.  I wish I had some right now!

This layout was made with a new digital scrapbooking collection called Country Kitchen by Snips and Snails.   This collection just begs for recipes, photos of favorite recipes or food, or people eating food.  Or the elements go with any country themed page.  This collection is available today at The Digichick where Stephanne of Snips and Snails is the guest designer this month.

Check back on Saturday and I’ll have more new things to look at.

Changing seasons and new scrapping layouts

Good Monday morning.  I hope you all had a great weekend and expressed your gratitude to a veteran somewhere–if you are in the USA or Canada.

I have two different layouts to show you today that are both done with new scrapbooking supplies from the very talented Aimee Harrison. First is So Thankful, released today at Scrapbook Bytes.  This kit has great fall colors and lots of parts to choose from.

I chose to title my layout So Thankful also.  After all the destruction from Hurricane Sandy, I was reminded how fortunate we were that we were not affected by the storm.

Next is a layout using photos of snow last year.  Here in Georgia, we don’t get much snow, in fact most years we don’t get any at all.  We were looking out the window and saw a red bird looking back at us.  I just knew he was saying “all my food is under the snow”  So my husband went out and cleaned the snow off the wall and put out bird seed.  In about ten minutes, the birds had found their food.  How did they know it was there???  Look below!

For this I used Winter Dawn that you can find  today at Gotta Pixel.  It is part of their Gotta Grab It offerings this month. If you hurry, it is on sale.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful week and are making those plans for Thanksgiving with family!


Fall is all around and I’m feeling thankful!

It is definately a colorful fall here in Georgia.  The colors are at their highest now but leaves are falling so fast that much is already on the ground.  This week I have done three scrapbook layouts to share with you.

First is a fabulous collection from Stephanne at Snips and Snails called Autumn Opulence released on November 11th at The Digichick, where Snips and Snails is a guest designer this month.  As you can see below, there are lots of bright and rich colors and patterns in this collection.

When I saw the colors in this collection of scrapping goodies, I immediately thought of some photos that Kathryn had taken of Sarah in a dress with those colors .  Not knowing the story behind these photos, I thought Sarah, standing at their back door, was wanting to go outside to play ball–probably with her brothers and her dad; and in the others that she was sad because they would not let her play.  When I called Kathryn to ask about the photos, she laughed and said no that was not what was happening.  See below the real story.

Next is a lovely fall scene taken at the lake at Berry College.  You might not see the swan in the photo because he is just a tiny white speck in the water.

The last layout used a kit called Count Your Blessings, also by Snips and Snails, released on November 9th at One Story Down.

I chose a family photo for this page because I consider my  children and grandchildren my most precious blessings.  Kathryn took this photo last year on Thanksgiving.  I had asked everyone to wear a white shirt and jeans for the group photo.  Here’s that page.

I will have more to share with you on Monday–November 12th.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Digital Scrapbooking Day-or IDSD

I have been having fun going around my favorites sites–on line of course–and participating in International Digital Scrapbooking Day.  I’ve collected lots of goodies and had fun, and the weekend is not over yet!  woohoo!

I have completed several scrapbook pages this week utilizing the amazing kits from two of my favorite designers.  First lets look at Florentine Dreams by Aimee Harrison.(Image below is linked to one of her stores)

As soon as I saw this kit I thought of my dream vacation  to Italy after my retirement.  This photo was taken during a gondola ride through the canals of Venice.

Next is a bright and sunny collection called Girasole (Italian for sunflower) from Stephanne of Snips and Snails.  It is available only at One Story Down.

Here my first layout featureing a closeup of Sarah.  Kathryn (Dream Big Photography) took this photo.  I love this black and white version of the photo.

Next is another photo Kathryn took with her cell phone while they were visiting the pumpkin farm.  It is a sunny feeling photo that looks just right with the bright yellow background.

Got to go participate in a chat.  More soon.

Little bird–Beward

Hi everyone.  Here a scrapbook page I made of Sarah in her first Halloween costume.  I’m not sure if she is a baby chicken or baby duck but I am sure she is precious.  Don’t you just love the yellow feather boa all around her.  Kathryn (Dream Big Photography) planned and took this great photo–of couse–and it is soooo cute!  I decided to add a little Halloween humor/horror by adding the cat.  Little bird BEWARE!

For this layout, I used a Halloween collection Mummy-ish by Aimee Harrison Design Studio, ADB Designs, Mad Genius Designs and The Urban Fairy.  Find it at Digital Scrapbooking Studio.