Where does the time go?

OK.  I am delinquent.  It’s been over three months since I wrote on my blog.  I didn’t stop recording memories via scrapbook pages but just didn’t get around to posting them here.  Here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on.

In December, other than Christmas parties and buying gifts, we went to New York City for a few day just before Christmas to take in the sights at Christmas. We went to plays and saw the Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas program and took lots of tours and really saw the city.  Then after Christmas, we went to New Orleans to see our daughter and her family and take them presents from their Georgia relatives.

Here’s a few more pages I did around Christmas.

In January, we went to a New Year’s Eve Party in Birmingham AL and danced in 2013.  Later that month we took a 8-day cruise to the Caribbean with friends on Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas.  Now that’s a large ship!

On February 12th, my body decided to give me a critical blow with a chronic illness returning in the absolutely worst way.  I was unable to eat or speak for 3 weeks and even after that I had to eat soft foods.  That lasted for a month and I narrowly missed having to have serious brain surgery.  You cannot image how amazed I was when the neurologist and neurosurgeon both agreed I was well enough to go on a trip to Europe in a few days. The trip had been planned 9 months before (and paid for!)  Well I went with medication in hand and had a great time.   I am just back now a couple of days and my body is not yet adjusted to Georgia time.

After this illness, I have got to put my life in order and limit my time on scrapbooking.  I will post many of the ones I have already done but will then have less time to spend on my previous designer commitments.