A freebie for you!

No I didn’t die or get lost.  We have been traveling a lot and just haven’t had time to catch up on everything.  I got to mark one more thinG off my “bucket list” by going to Hawaii in September.  It was beautiful there. We spent almost two weeks touring 5 islands.  I haven’t got that trip scrapped yet either!

Here’s a scrapbook minikit I did last month.  I was made for a challenge at the Studio (Digital Scrapbooking Studio)in November.  It’s yours if you would like it.  Just click on the link here or below.


D O W N L O A D  

Sorry for the delay

So sorry for the delay in posting the link for my contribution to the Pixel Scrapper blog train.  I thought I would arrive back home on June 1st, but didn’t get home until midnight.  Went to visit my daughter and brought the grandchildren home with me.  Our flight into Atlanta was delayed,  sooooo I’m late posting my links.  Again I apologize!

Here is the link to get the Oh Baby Baby minikit I made.  Link also below the image.


Download here    Link to Pixel Scrapper to return to blog train listing.

Almost time for the next Pixel Scrapper blog train

The theme for June is Oh Baby Baby for the Pixel Scrapper blog train starting June 1st.  Many designers will be contributing mini-kits and other components using the same color palette and baby theme.  So this will be a great opportunity for you to stock your stash with those baby items for scrapbooking the new babies in your life.

Below is a preview of my contribution.  It will be ready for download starting June 1st.


Blog train is ready to start

If you are looking for my part of the Pixel Scrapper blog train, you’ve come to the right place.  The theme for April is Earth Day–which is actually on April 22–but every day this month, and any month really we should be thinking about ways to make our world a better place to live.  Forget about finding what’s wrong in the world and find ways to make your world better. The kits this month will give you lots of ideas of what you can do to ‘go green’, conserve energy, and recycle, redistribute, and reuse!

This month I tried a different style for my mini kit–a simplier and more graphic style.  I hope you like it.  You can download here or below the image.


D O W N L O A D  

BONUS!!!   Here is the second part of solid papers and tape tips for Earth Day.  You can download it here or on the link below the image.  The tape tips are offered both in solids and in semi-transparent formats.



To go back to Pixel Scrapper for more kits and the complete selection, click here.

Happy Scrapping,  Donna



Another blog train coming your way–toot toot!

Well it is almost that time again–the monthly blog train of free goodies at Pixel Scrapper.  April’s theme is “Earth Day” with a color palette of beautiful spring colors.  Only a few more days and that train will be starting and moving your way.  Check out  all that is offered at Pixel Scrapper and download a few or all of the kits.  If you get all of them, you will have a mega kit for spring.  Below are my offerings-BUT they will not go live until April 1st!  No April Fool’s joke here.  The kit has 8 papers and 24 elements and there are also coordinating solids and tape tips related to earth day.

_ddd_earthday--preview-web_ddd-earthday-solids-previe-webCome back on April 1st to download all the free kits at Pixel Scrapper.




March blog train is here–March 1st.

Ready for lots of new lovely scrapbook papers and elements.  Check out all the free mini (and full size) kits available on the March Pixel Scrapper blog train.  The theme is Country Wedding with a set color theme of beautiful purples, blues and greens.  Also a minor theme of an Irish wedding.  Just in time for St. Patrick’s day!   Check all that’s available because the kits can be used for layouts other than weddings.  Just take a look.

For my contribution, I have incorporated several Irish and Celtic accents but kept the colors soft and wonderful. The plate is one my mother china painted many years ago.  She has since passed away so the plate is very special to me.

Download below image is quick and easy.



Please leave me a comment if you like this!  It will make my day and encourage me to keep trying to develop my design skills!  Thank you and enjoy!

To  see all the blog train components, please go to Pixel Scrapper Blog Train.


New free kit available March 1

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote on my blog because I have been busy doing other things.  One of those things was working on a new free kit for you for the March Pixel Scrapper blog train.  The colors are very pretty and the theme is Country Wedding.  Several people had requested a wedding kit with purples, emerald green and white.  Sounds lovely doesn’t it!  What I have seen from the other designers, this will be a great month with lots of free kits to choose from–or choose them all!  Check back on March 1  to get a lovely kit from me.  Here’s a sneak peek at my contribution!


Be Mine addon here at last!

Hope you are still with me and didn’t give up.  I have been “under the weather” and just now starting to feel human again.  Although I missed the ice and snow in Georgia last week, I still must have caught something on my vacation.  Anyway….here’s some solid papers to go with my Be Mine kit and also a bonus cluster for you.  You can grab them here  DOWNLOAD    _ddd_Be Mine addon-preview

The train in pulling into this station–a little late!

Sorry for the delay but I had to  leave the snow and go to the Caribbean to thaw for a few days. I know…don’t hate me!  Since I just got back tonight, I haven’t had time yet to work on the extras I have planned for this month.  Here’s my kit for the Pixel Scrapper blog train.  The link is here to download.  Tomorrow I will add a set of solid papers to match this kit so check back.

_ddd_be mine_-preview

Here were you can find the other parts at Pixel Scrapper.


Be Mine kit revealed

Hi everyone!  Before I leave home to go visit a much warmer place for the next few days,  I thought I would post a preview of my contribution to the upcoming blog train at Pixel Scrapper that begins on February 1st.  Unfortunately,  I will not be able to post my download links with the others until Feb.3rd, but please check back then.  I also plan to do a few extras this month, including a set of solid papers to match the kit and a surprise .  Check back and grab all the goodies.   Here’s part of what you will get.

_ddd_be mine_-preview